On the Sofa with Jane Austen

Maggie Lane
On the Sofa with Jane Austen is a collection of essays that first appeared in the Regency World magazine. They celebrate the quirkiest corners and cleverest contrivances of Jane Austen’s art. The twenty-one topics range from coiffure to crime, from gossip to grandmothers. The title comes from the first essay, but it is also an invitation to spend time with a well-loved author in a relaxed and intimate way. The essays are: On the Sofa; The Hair was Curled; Lady Bertram's Fringe; A Very White World; The Silence of Mr Perry; Plump Cheeks and Thick Ankles; Reading Aloud; Arms and Legs Enough; November in the Novels; Words Overheard; Home Comforts; Shoelaces and Shawls; The Freshest Green; Neighbourhood Spies; She is Pretty Enough; Small World; Devoted Sisters; Theft and Punishment; Heroes and Husbands; Only a Grandmother and finally, Dear Mary.
On the Sofa with Jane Austen by Maggie Lane

About the author

Maggie Lane has written many popular books about Jane Austen including Understanding Austen and Growing Older with Jane Austen, where were also published by Robert Hale. She has lectured on aspects of Jane Austen's life and novels to the Jane Austen Societies of the UK, Canada, the US and Australia and has published in their respective journals. Currently she is editor of the Jane Austen Society (UK) biannual Newsletter and Annual Report as well as consultant editor to the global Regency World magazine.