Open Water Swimming

Emma Davis
Open Water Swimming: A Complete Guide for Swimmers and Triathletes is aimed at all levels of open water swimmer, from beginners right through to competing professionals. It covers all aspects of the sport: its history and health benefits; a through introduction to getting started; a full discussion on training equipment and how it should be used; the safety and legal aspects of choosing a suitable location for swimming; acclimatization for both the beginner and the experienced swimmer. The author then goes on to explain in detail all technical aspects of open water swimming; sighting; drafting; turning around buoys; entraces, exits and transitions.
Open Water Swimming by Emma Davis
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About the author

Emma Davis is a professional athlete, Olympian and former Multi Sport World Champion. She was also the first Irish Triathlete to compete in the Olympic Games. She started swimming at the age of 2 and has barely been out of the water since. She competed nationally in swimming and running before moving on to triathlon professionally after obtaining a first-class honours degree in mathematics in 2007. Emma quickly saw success, reaching a world ranking of 11th and qualifying for the Beijing Olympic Games in only 8 months (the usual qualification period is 24 months). When not in training, Emma is employed as a sports physiotherapist (she has an MSc (distinction) in Sports Therapy), coach and trainer in Surrey and London.