Ornamental Woodcarving

Clunie Fretton
This beautiful book celebrates the art of ornamental woodcarving and introduces the fundamental skills that support all good sculpture. Written by an acclaimed carver, it gives an overview of the most recognisable forms and styles of ornamental woodcarving, before generously sharing practical insights and experience through a range of core projects. With over 250 photographs, this inspiring book is an essential guide for all woodcarvers and artists keen to learn and appreciate the techniques, heritage and traditions of this time-honoured art. Ornamental Woodcarving is a detailed guide to the art of heritage woodcarving. From the ancient world to the modern, it gives a thorough introduction to the European tradition of ornamental woodcarving with strong emphasis on the understanding of ornamental motifs and styles through the ages, and the technical skills and knowledge that underpin this ancient art. The book begins with foundational theory on the history of ornament, understanding of timber, sharpening and maintaining tools, measuring systems, and an introduction to ancillary skills such as modelling and casting, before moving on to practical projects designed to demonstrate the techniques learned in previous chapters. With a wealth of technical information and a thorough overview of the plethora of skills that feed into the craft, Ornamental Woodcarving provides an in-depth resource for professionals, as well as hobbyists.
Ornamental Woodcarving by Clunie Fretton

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About the author

CLUNIE FRETTONis an award-winning, classically-trained master carver, sculptor and gilder. Her work is in the Houses of Parliament, the Victoria & Albert Museum, St George's Chapel Windsor, and museums, cathedrals and churches around the UK.

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