Painting Abstract Landscapes

Gareth Edwards Kate Reeve-Edwards
Abstract landscape painting expresses emotion while still capturing the essence of a landscape. This compelling book explores this suggestive style first developed by Turner. Using the hauntingly-beautiful paintings of Gareth Edwards, it explores the technical, historical and psychological dimensions of abstract landscape painting to help you develop your own skilful and intensely personal approach. Through this new book you can learn about how to begin an abstract landscape painting, using chance application; understand how to ‘manage accidents’ to create innovative pieces of work; discover the importance of effective composition and how this navigates the viewer’s journey; determine the importance of the ‘invisible’ elements of painting: the unspoken value of the viewer and the influence of ‘looking’. It also reveals how to utilize a convergence of linear and atmospheric perspective to help your viewer traverse the picture plane and helps you understand the importance of light, space, colour, and tone in generating evocative paintings. Finally, it encourages you to be more demanding of your surface, using textural techniques and glazing to achieve professional production values. It is a unique and exciting book into this under-documented genre.
Painting Abstract Landscapes by Gareth Edwards Kate Reeve-Edwards

About the author

Gareth Edwards has been a professional abstract landscape painter for over twenty-five years and has developed an effective and individual approach. He is an elected RAW academian, a long-term resident of St Ives' historic Porthmeor Studios, and a prominent member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. He work is exhibited and sold throughout the world.
Gareth Edwards' daughter, Kate Reeve-Edwards is a professional writer and runs her own art writing business, Cultural Capital Arts.

Press Reviews

As well as the personal connection you also get the best of two worlds – top-quality writing as well as painting. This really is a stupendous book.

- Henry Malt

At last – at long last, you might say – along comes a serious book about abstract painting that goes further than what you might previously have dismissed as the painting-by-numbers school of instruction. This is a unique book that does its readers as well as its subject full justice.

- Henry Malt - The Artist reviewer