Painting Buildings in Oils

James Willis
Painting buildings is an exciting and versatile genre - it allows you to enjoy the lines of architecture but also to add feeling and context to a picture. This practical book explains the full depth of the subject, from first sketches to final presentation. Using a range of examples, it is packed with advice and information, and follows the riches of painting the built landscape. Not just a handy reference, this is a beautiful and inspirational guide for every artist who wants to capture and interpret a scene. Topics covered include: Drawing - practise observation and sketching to identify the principal lines of view. Perspective - understand three-dimensional structures and their position to each other and in space. Oils - use the versatility of the paint to express and experiment with your ideas. Location - develop your paintings outdoors and in the studio. Style - add figures, weather and atmosphere to your work to give it character and mood. Finally, Inspiration - learn new ideas and themes from finished examples by a number of leading artists.
Painting Buildings in Oils by James Willis

About the author

James Willis is an established artist, scholar and tutor who specializes in painting buildings. As well as lecturing in art history, he has taught at Sir John Soane's Museum and the Bartlett School of Architecture, London, and takes live and online tutorials, workshops and foreign painting trips.

Press Reviews

This is a book that takes its readers as well as its subject seriously and, although there is the obligatory chapter on materials and equipment, it is by no means over-long and you’re quickly into the meat of painting, which is what you want. There’s nothing wrong in assuming that your readers have a level of competence gained from classes, experience or other books and then simply concentrating on the subject in hand, which James does with admirable thoroughness.

- Henry Malt