Painting Expressive Watercolour

Bridget Woods
Watercolour offers great potential for expression. Its fluidity, full colour range, generous spread and variety of marks can portray a likeness, a response, a feeling - even the notions of time and speed. This book is a practical guide to watercolour painting and more. It explains the importance of colour, tone, shape, texture andscale through exercises

and shared techniques. But it also encourages the artist to express sensations and ideas in watercolour - and by exploring the joy of the medium, to develop handling skills, confidence and a unique painting 'voice'.
Painting Expressive Watercolour by Bridget Woods

About the author

Bridget Woods is an internationally acclaimed artist who has specialized in watercolour, life drawing and painting for over thirty years. She is also a dedicated and inspiring teacher known for her approachable style and understanding of students' needs. She is the author of the best-selling Life Drawing, and presents Life Drawing Techniques in Action double DVD, also published by Crowood.