Painting in Pastels

Robert Brindley
Pastels are an extremely versatile and immediate medium. These characteristics can lead to bold, exciting and impromptu paintings. However, their responsive, flexible nature can also be used to create subtle, gentle colour with little or no texture. This practical book will guide you through the full scope of painting in pastels and explain particularly how they can be used to capture light, colour and texture. With step-by-step instructions in a wide range of subject matter, Painting in Pastels will be invaluable for beginners and experienced artists.
Painting in Pastels by Robert Brindley

About the author

Robert Brindley RSMA is a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. He paints a wide range of subject matter in pastel, oil and watercolour. He particularly enjoys the challenge of capturing light and atmosphere. Robert teaches and demonstrates on a regular basis, and his work has featured in many books and publications. He has also written Painting Boats and Coastal Scenery for The Crowood Press.