Painting Light and Colour in Oils

Sarah Manolescue
This beautiful book shows the artist how to develop their own unique way of seeing and interpreting light and colour in oils, using plein air painting as the foundation (painting outdoors direct from life). It serves as a catalyst for exploration, both out in the field, and back in the studio. Packed with finished examples and step-by-step sequences, it guides you through the beguiling challenge of painting the light, demonstrating how to say ‘just enough’ in your own work.
Painting Light and Colour in Oils by Sarah Manolescue

About the author

Sarah Manolescue is an observational artist with an unrelenting fascination for light and its effects. Her work is characterised by its loose, energetic and passionate application of paint. She exhibits widely and her paintings are critically acclaimed. 

Press Reviews

For a thorough and enjoyable guide to a complex subject, this is a thorough and thoroughly satisfying look at a vast topic.

- Henry Malt, The Artist