Painting Self-Portraits

Andrew James Paul James
Self-portraiture is a remarkably rich and varied genre, acting for centuries as a means for artists to explore their inner and outer selves. This book looks deeper into the motives and thoughts that lie behind the creative process. It also balances the goals of technical proficiency and emotional authenticity so the artist is better equipped to make a compelling self-portrait. Extended step-by-step demonstrations follow three differing approaches to self-portraiture. It emphasizes the use of good observational skills, expressive paint use and a highly practical and critical self-analysis. A thorough cultural and theoretical review of the history and categorization of the self-portrait, as well as an analysis of two master self-portraits is given. Written by identical twins, it offers a personalized, practical and theoretical guide to this most powerful of art forms.
Painting Self-Portraits by Andrew James Paul James
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About the author

Andrew James has been painting for over twenty-five years. He has won many prestigious awards and is a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
Paul James has been painting for over twenty-five years. He has written for several publications and is currently an art teacher in New York.