Painting Trees

Sian Dudley Rob Dudley
Trees are a magnificent source of inspiration for artists. This book looks more closely at their role in art and how best the artist can capture their essence as the sole subject of a painting, to complete a landscape or to step into an abstract representation. In a unique collaboration, Sian and Rob Dudley combine their skills to offer insights into a range of techniques and styles. There are tips and ideas for finding inspiration, developing your ideas, information gathering, layout, tone and colour within the book. Step-by-step projects demonstrate the techniques in action, from first inspiration through to completion. With practical advice on painting through the seasons to help you to see and paint trees with new appreciation, this book is a joyful and essential guide to creating expressive paintings.
Painting Trees by Sian Dudley Rob Dudley

About the author

Sian and Rob Dudley are well know as the duo behind Moor to Sea Arts, based in Devon. Both respected artists, they teach widely and contribute to the online resource Art Tutor. Sian has written Painting Flowers - a creative approach and Rob has written Painting Rivers from Source to Sea, both published by The Crowood Press.