Paper Lithography

Sue Brown
A step-by-step guide to making paper lithography prints. This practical book explains how to use gum arabic to transfer a photocopied image without specialised equipment. It uses both hand-drawn and photographic images to show how paper lithography (or gum arabic transfer printing) is a quick and simple process that allows for creative experimentation on a range of surfaces. Packed with advice and ideas, it highlights this exciting, flexible and creative technique for artists and makers. Contains clear, detailed instructions to printing a lithographic transfer using a humble photocopy as a plate. Advice on how to incorporate the process as part of sketchbook, textile and etching practice, Ideas for more advanced multimedia applications and inspirational finished examples. Also includes tips for coping with common problems and warnings of pitfalls to be avoided.
Paper Lithography by Sue Brown

About the author

Sue Brown is an artist who uses printmaking to tell stories. She combines gum arabic transfer with other printmaking processes to make art inspired by the process, as much as by nature. She is passionate about her work and teaches widely, and is based at the yard:ARTspace in Cheltenham, England.

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