Wendy Graham
Pearls are one of the oldest precious gemstones. They have been revered through history and the best reserved to adorn royalty and their favourites. Now, with the arrival of freshwater pearls, they are available to suit every pocket and every style, from the classic to the most creative. It includes a guide to the types of pearl and to the farming process. It gives advice on buying pearls; what to look for and what to avoid and gives instruction on working with pearls, including drilling, setting and knotting. Finally, there is information on South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya, freshwater and natural pearls. This practical book celebrates their exquisite beauty and enduring elegance.
Pearls by Wendy Graham

About the author

Wendy Graham is the founder and owner of Pearlescence, an online pearl supplier. Buying and selling from across the world, Wendy has visited pearl farms in Indonesia and Vietnam, and regularly travels to Hong Kong and Bangkok.