Pest Control for the Smallholder

David Bezzant
Among the many challenges facing the contemporary smallholder who keeps livestock and grows his own food, is how to deal with the various pests that are capable of decimating crops, degrading pasture, stealing produce, contaminating animal feed and killing valuable livestock. This book provides the smallholder with the knowledge and the information about the skills to meet this challenge in an effective and humane way.
Pest Control for the Smallholder by David Bezzant

About the author

David Bezzant has spent most of his adult life in smallholdings of various sizes and has kept traditional breeds of sheep, pigs, goats and poultry. Pursuing an interest in old-fashioned forms of pest control, he is an expert on the use of ferrets and working terriers and is the author of two books published by Crowood on the subject: Rabbit Terriers - Their Work and Training (2006) and Hunting with Ferrets (2008).