Pilates and Conditioning for Dancers

Jane Paris
Professional dance is an exciting but demanding career to choose, and the dancer of today needs to be physically prepared for the stress on the body that a performing life entails. Pilates and Conditioning for Dancers is a practical guide to exercises designed specifically for dance students and professionals alike. The focus on how to choose exercises that suit the individual offers dancers the freedom to optimize their performance potential in a flexible environment. Key topics covered are Core Control; Turnout; The Healthy Spine; Footwork; Jumping and Landing. This new book covers each area of the body, relating the exercises closely to dance technique and providing movement solutions for dancers of al styles and at all stages of their performing career.
Pilates and Conditioning for Dancers by Jane Paris

About the author

Jane Paris is the Pilates and Conditioning Coach for the Royal Ballet Company. Having taught Pilates for over thirty years, she teaches workshops in dance companies around the world, and also presents at dance medicine and sport conferences internationally. Jane is also a consultant in the technical and motor control department of the Norwegian Olympics.

Press Reviews

Pilates and Conditioning for Dancers is a fine book well presented and written by a great expert. This is a good resource for a dance teacher's library.

- Gavin Roebuck

Jane's book is one of a kind! An inspiration not only for ballet dancers but for everyone who wants to be healthy.

- FlaviBarros. Reviewer