Plyometrics for Speed and Power

Glen Thurgood
Many coaches train primarily for strength - pressing, pulling and squatting - but without converting this maximal strength to speed and power. However, the 'holy grail' for most athletes is power, and plyometrics is the best way to achieve this. Plyometrics for Speed and Power will guide you through the basics of plyometric training through to sport-specific drills that will enhance your performance. This new book covers the history of plyometrics and the science behind it; foundation strength; plyometric equipment; warm-up techniques and performance testing.
Plyometrics for Speed and Power by Glen Thurgood

About the author

Glen Thurgood is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, athlete and co-owner of the Training Shed, a functional training and performance facility in Market Harborough. He has a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning, and over eighteen years' experience as an elite level performance coach and athlete, working with some of the world's leading coaches in both rugby and football, as well as working with runners, triathletes, Ironman athletes, martial artists, canoeists and cyclists.