Nicola Vaughan-Ellis
Powerlifting: Training Techniques and Performance is a guide to athletes and coaches in powerlifting as well as a more general reading for the lover of sport. It takes a coach-led, athlete-centred approach that is intended to empower the individual, promote excellence and facilitate personal fulfilment within the sport of powerlifting. The book is divided into three sections; Part One examines and unpicks the three powerlifting lifts of the squat, bench press and deadlift and discusses the skills and techniques required to perform each lift successfully within the context of good practice. It also discusses the Paralympics bench press as an integral part of the sport today. Part Two looks at the the role of the coach, describes the coaching pathway within a powerlifting context and provides guidelines and training programmes that will help the coach help their athlete/s achieve their desired process goals and performance targets. Part Three focuses on all aspects of competition, the role of the coach in deciding strategy and the responsibilities of the athlete, in particular in relation to drug testing.
Powerlifting by Nicola Vaughan-Ellis

About the author

Nicola Vaughan-Ellis has devoted 25 years to powerlifting as a national lifter, world-class referee and world-leading coach. She has coached and led teams at four consecutive Paralympic Games - Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Bejing 2008 and London 2012 - and prepared athletes and coaches for World Championships, European and Commonwealth Games. She has coached athletes and coaches at all levels, funded and co-ordinated performance pathways for athletes from all walks of life and created inclusive powerlifting squads where world champions and participation lifters train together. Nicola has been part of the World Class programme for GB Powerlifting since 1998. She was a full-time national coach for British Weightlifting and Paralympic Powerlifting from 2008 to 2012.