Practical Art of Bonsai

John Hanby
Bonsai, the art of growing a tree in miniature, has fascinated and captured the imaginations of people worldwide for hundreds of years. This book will show you how to establish a collection, from first tree acquisitions to quickly creating your own bonsai from ordinary garden material. Step-by-step demonstrations, real examples and helpful advice then ensure you can develop and refine your trees in line with your aspirations. Key coverage includes: both indoor and outdoor bonsai; the best equipment and materials to use; the established bonsai styles and the different approaches required for various tree species; detailed advice on how to keep your tree strong and healthy; guidance on watering, positioning, feeding, pests and problems and an analysis of roots and the process of repotting. There are separate detailed chapters on trunks, branches and twigs with guidance on design considerations; practical styling techniques; bonsai aesthetics, including sources of inspiration, tree styling and pot choice, and finally, detailed case studies, spanning many years, documenting the development of a range of trees.
Practical Art of Bonsai by John Hanby

About the author

John Hanbyhas been teaching bonsai for over thirty years and is owner of one of the biggest bonsai schools in Europe. He has held various posts on the Yorkshire Bonsai Association committee, has previously served as the secretary of the Federation of British Bonsai Societies and was a member of the Kawabe School in Belgium. He gives talks and demonstrations in the UK and internationally, and has won awards for his trees. He regularly provides advice, articles and photographs for books and magazines, as well as producing a successful DVD.

Press Reviews

This is an ideal book for people in the early stages of their bonsai journey and particularly for bonsaists looking to improve their design skills.

- Jeff Banning, President Scottish Bonsai Assoc