Quantocks and North Somerset Coast

Dave Green
West Somerset is an area of great geological diversity, straddling the Tees–Exe Line between highland and lowland Britain. The story of the last 400 million years of Earth history can be gleaned from its rocks: the opening and closing of oceans, the collision of continents and a journey across the Equator. The area may also provide the key to settle the controversy about the origin of South-West England, whose ancient geology is so different from the rest of the country. This unique and diverse geology is also the reason why it is one of the most beautiful and varied stretches of landscape in England. With nearly 170 illustrations, including maps, charts, diagrams and colour photographs, this book describes and explains the evidence for the geological history of the area, from the Palaeozoic, through the Mesozoic to the Pleistocene and Holocene. Regional guides, which discuss the factors that led to the landscape we see today and offer places of interest to visit, cover: the Northern Brendon Hills and Minehead; the Southern Brendon Hills; Wellington and the Blackdown Hills; Wiveliscombe and the Vale of Stogumber; the Quantock Hills; West Somerset coast and the Cannington and Bridgwater Lowlands.
Quantocks and North Somerset Coast by Dave Green

About the author

Dave Green is a semi-retired teacher of geology with some fifty years' experience, mainly in schools and in further education. At present he teaches part-time in Ross-on-Wye and runs evening classes there and in Gloucester. His main interest is in field geology and landscape development, for which he runs many trips, both at home and abroad.

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