Range Rover

James Taylor
The Range Rover started out as a more comfortable Land Rover with better road manners than its stable-mate, but customer demand soon turned it into something else altogther. Over the years, the brand has become an icon, synonymous with luxury and prestige, and yet never losing the essentially practical side of its nature. This book looks at all three generations of Range Rover, and also at its companion model, the hugely successful Range Rover Sport. The whole Range Rover story is explored in this most wide-ranging of books about the brand.
Range Rover by James Taylor

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About the author

James Taylor has been researching and writing about motoring history since the late 1970s. He has written widely in the motoring press in the UK and abroad, and is author more than eighty books, many of them for Crowood. He is known and respected for the detailed research that goes into his writing. The products of the Rover Company and its descendants have always been his first love and his major specialization, and he was fonding editor of Land Rover Enthusiast magazine.