Range Rover First Generation

James Taylor
The Range Rover's designers intended it to be a more comfortable and road-friendly passenger-carrying Land Rover, but customers quickly saw something much more in it. During the 1970s, while its immense practicality and capability were appreciated and acknowledged, a Range Rover became a sought-after and prestigious possession. It went on to change the face of Land Rover for ever. Range Rover First Generation - The Complete Story delves into the real story of the Range Rover, examining what lay behind the multiple changes in its twenty-six years of production. The book covers the full development story; custom and utility conversions; Range Rovers for the US market; full technical specifications and Range Rovers assembled overseas. If ever a car deserved the over-used epithet 'iconic', the first-generation Range Rover is it.
Range Rover First Generation by James Taylor

About the author

James Taylor has been writing professionally about road transport since the late 1970s. His primary interest is in those models that have carried Rover or Land Rover badges, and of all thoe he rates the first-generation Range Rover as a favourite. James has written around 130 books in all, including a number for Crowood. He spent ten years as the editor of Land Rover Enthusiast magazine and is well known for his 'Roverphile'column in Land Rover Owner.