Reliant Three-Wheelers

John Wilson-Hall
Despite a reputation for being eccentric and dangerous, Reliant three-wheelers are ever-present in the classic car scene and are now seen as icons of British popular culture. Reliant Three-Wheelers - The Complete Story charts the development of these much-loved cars from 1935 onwards and includes the development and production of the Regal, Robin, Bond Bug and Rialto along with detailed specification guides and hundred of photographs throughout. An ideal resource for anybody with an interest in these classic cars, from one of the last major British vehicle manufacturers.
Reliant Three-Wheelers by John Wilson-Hall

About the author

John Wilson-Hall was the editor of National Reliant Top Gear, the Reliant Owners' Club magazine, from 2006-2013. Since the 1980s he has owned more Reliants than he can count, which have transported him, his wife and their two children over the country. He currently owns two Reliant three-wheelers: a 1982 Rialto 1 and a 1997 Robin pick-up with a raised van roof - the only prototype known to exist.