Ride from the Heart

Jenny Rolfe
While there are many excellent books that help the rider to address the technical goals of dressage, Ride from the Heart can transform the way in which the reader communicates with his horse. Rider and trainer Jenny Rolfe has written this book to share the experiences she gained in Portugal, a country with a long and spiritual history of classical training. For many years Jenny has been writing articles about classical horsemanship and her innovative techniques - particularly communication through breathing - which aim for ultimate lightness and empathy in riding have been met with much interest. Through techniques used in loose work, work in-hand and under saddle, the reader will be on the way to enhancing a sense of 'feel', which in turn will encourage oneness and a spirit of dance between horse and rider. The book underlines throughout, the importance of maintaining a bond of leadership, respect and friendship with our horse and within the pages are important tools for achieving these goals. Wherever you are within your level of training, this book will help to enhance and enrich your relationship with your horse so that art may be formed through love.
Ride from the Heart by Jenny Rolfe

About the author

Jenny Rolfe is also the author of Breathe Life into Your Riding and a regular contributor to top equestrian magazines in the UK and abroad. She lives in north Devon, where she continues to learn from her stallions and teaches students and clients, who come from all over the world to work with her stallions and study her methods. 

Press Reviews

Learn to communicate with your horse with breath-energy awareness. Jenny teaches a deeper connection from the ground and in the saddle.

- Reviewer, Horse & Rider