Rover K-Series Engine

Iain Ayre Rob Hawkins
Getting a Rover K-Series engine properly up and running can be a difficult task, but ultimately the result is always worthwhile. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, Rover K-Series Engine - Maintenance, Repair and Modification is a practical guide to keeping these unique engines in fine working order. The most well-known issue with the K-Series is the head gasket, and this book demonstrates how to identify common faults, before giving practical advice on how best to solve them. Step-by-step guidance on all aspects of long-term engine maintenance is provided, in addition to the improvements required to prevent further problems. A K-Series engine is then stripped down to examine its clever and interesting structure, and is rebuilt with improvements. Authors of over twenty automotive books and countless articles in assorted motoring magazines, Iain Ayre and Rob Hawkins have combined their knowledge to bring you this book on the Rover K-Series engine.
Rover K-Series Engine by Iain Ayre Rob Hawkins

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About the author

Iain Ayre has been an automotive writer for over three decades, focusing largely on British classic cars. A hands-on hobbyist with MGs, Minis, Triumphs and Bentleys, he is a regular contributor to MG Enthusiast magazine, writing about the issues of maintaining a K-series engine in an MGF.
Rob Hawkins has been a professional motoring journalist and photographer since 1993. He has championed the K-series for over two decades, test driving many cars powered by this engine and working with specialists to research its problems and potential improvements.