Rover P5 & P5B

James Taylor
The Rover P5 was the last great representative of traditional British luxury saloon building, with the emphasis firmly on quality rather than sportiness. Its spaciousness, refinement and wood and leather charm still command a considerable classic car following today.
In Rover P5 and P5B - The Complete Story, James Taylor charts the history of these stately cars, looking at their design and development from the original 3-litre Mk 1 announced in 1968 to the last 3.5-litre P5B model built for the Queen.
Rover P5 & P5B by James Taylor

About the author

James Taylor has been a researcher and motoring historian since the late 1970s. The products of the Rover company have always been his first love and his major specialization. He has over forty books to his credit including seven titles in the Crowood AutoClassic series.