Bryan Reynolds
A history of the Rudge-Whitworth cycle and motorcycle company, from the late 1800s to the 1940s, including full production histories of the motorcycle models. Topics covered include: the origins of Rudge-Whitworth, from Daniel Rudge's early bicycles, to the Pugh family merger; the expansion into motorcycle production in 1909, with the 'M' prototypes and 'F'-head engines; the invention of the Rudge Multi gear engine in 1912, and a subsequent Isle of man win in 1914; the innovative 'Rudge Four' engines, with four parallel valves per cylinder; the 'Python' models - Rudge equipment used by other manufacturers, including in Enzo Ferrari's Scuderia Ferrari, and finally the post-war slump and a move to EMI, with later attempts to revive the Rudge name. With hundreds of original photographs, Rudge-Whitworth - The Complete Story is an ideal resource for anybody with an interest in the world's largest cycle and motorcycle manufacturers of the early twentieth century.
Rudge-Whitworth by Bryan Reynolds

About the author

Brian Reynolds' first motorcycle was a 1939 Rudge Sports Special, which he still owns today. He subsequently purchased a 1922 Rudge Multi, and AJW Python and various other Rudge machines. Bryan is Vice President of the Rudge Enthusiast's Club and the Marque Specialist for the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Ltd, of which he is a past director. He was also founder of the Vintage Rudge Register and 'Rudgespares', sourcing and manufacturing parts for all Rudge machines.