Rugby Drills

Eamonn Hogan
Crowood's Rugby Drills is a collection of 125 activities, practices and games designed to improve coaching sessions at all levels of the game. The drills are organised into chapters according to a particular skill or phase of the game; from the warm up to handling, contact, lineout, scrum, kicking and defence. Each chapter starts with a series of simple activities before progressing through to more complex ones, each broken down into step-by-step explanations and diagrams, as well as guidance on how to increase the level of difficulty.
Rugby Drills by Eamonn Hogan

About the author

Eamonn Hogan has been a rugby coach for 22 years, coaching at grassroots youth level all the way up to senior men's and women's international rugby, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and in Germany whilst serving with the RAF. He worked and lived in England since 1998, during which time he coached for five years at grassroots level with Leicester Tigers. He is a contributer to the internationally renowned Rugby Coach Weekly magazine as well as a premier columnist on the American website Since 2005, he has made regular journeys to the USA where his expertise has seen him coach throughout the country at clinics and coaching events.