Saab 92-96V4 - The Original Saab

Lance Cole
Launched in 1949 as the 92 before evolving into the 93, 96 2-stroke and 96V4, this car was in production for thirty-one years. Attracting global admiration and sales, it also excelled in motorsport and by the early 1960s was the most successful rally-car in Europe. A decline in sales in the 1960s was reversed with the launch of the 96V4 which resulted in its success continuing into the 1980s. With over 200 archive and colour photographs, this book provides a new description of the Saab company’s original car and includes detailed biographies of important Saab figures and extensive discussion of the engineering and design decisions that made the car such a success. There is coverage of the original Saab story in North and South America and a comprehensive review of Saab 92, 93, 96, motor sport history. Full technical details and specifications and tuning details are given and finally, there is a chapter on owners' experiences and Saab veteran's recollections.
Saab 92-96V4 - The Original Saab by Lance Cole

About the author

Following early training in illustration and car design/styling, Lance Cole began to write about cars and aircraft. After becoming the 1983 Jaguar Cars/Guild of Motoring Writers Lyons Scholar, he has enjoyed a long career in the media, writing for all the major newspapers and specialist magazines, including The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Classic Cars and the South China Morning Post. The author of over 100 articles and fifteen books, including five for Crowood, he now provides media, content and strategic PR advice, to major organizations including car manufacturers.

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