Sea Witch's Companion

Levannah Morgan
This book is for all those who love the sea, who have thrilled to the sight of the full moon rising over the ocean, who feel the pull of the tides and who have dreamed of making sea magic. You will learn how the moon, sun and sea together create the magical ebbing and flowing tides and how to work with them. You will experience the spiritual power and beauty of the goddess of sea and moon and learn how to forge your own deep and abiding relationship with her. You will discover how practical magic and folk customs have been used to protect us against the might of the sea, and to ward off the powers of storm and flood. The book will show you how to use the gifts of the sea to create spells and charms for use in your own life, to increase your well-being, and to protect your home, family and friends. It will demonstrate how you can invite sea spirits into your life and make magic with them. If you wish to go deeper, it will introduce you to the profound occult concepts of the greater tides that lie behind existence, and that govern our lives, births and deaths.
Sea Witch's Companion by Levannah Morgan

About the author

Levannah Morgan has been a practising witch for over thirty years. She grew up in a coastal village and the sea has been at the heart of her magical practice ever since she can remember. She has run Pagan conferences and taught workshops for many years and trains students in sea witchcraft and the mysteries of the goddess and gods. She founded the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft, is a former vice president of the Pagan Federation and is active in a number of Pagan and witchcraft organisations. She works as an artist and filmmaker.

Press Reviews

This book is written as a basic ‘how to’ guide for witchcraft rituals, practices and spells and covers everything from first beginnings as a solo sea witch up to more advanced group work. Her book is richly written with both easy instructions and anecdotes and actual examples of works she has carried out and locations she has seen. Even to those seasoned practitioners who have their own path to follow would find this book a useful guide for those situations where their practice interacts with the forces of moon, sea and tides.

- Stanley Mair, Scottish Pagan Federation