Slab-built Ceramics

Coll Minogue
Slab-built Ceramics introduces a method of constructing clay forms that have been in use through the history of ceramics. This book demonstrates the versatility of slab-building and the scope for personal expression which is possible using variations of this technique. It features...
Slab-built sculptures and vessels; The working methods of sixteen international ceramists and the inspiration for their work; A gallery of work by a further fourteen international ceramists and includes examples of several historical slab-built pieces.
Reveals the versatility of slab-building techniques which is one of the basic techniques to be used by potters and ceramic artists worldwide in creative and innovative ways.
Superbly illustrated with 121 colour photographs.
Coll Minogue has been a professional ceramist for over twenty-five years and frequently conducts workshops internationally.
Slab-built Ceramics by Coll Minogue

About the author

Coll Minogue has been a professional ceramist for over twenty-five years, having previously lectured in ceramics at a third level college. She has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. This is her third book on ceramics and she has had articles published in several international ceramics journals. Coll frequently lectures and conducts workshops internationally. Resident - Ireland