Stitched Mixed Media

Jessica Grady
This practical guide shows you the range of possibilities that you can explore and enjoy when making and sampling with hand stitch and mixed media. Packed with colour, ideas and enthusiasm, it looks at the potential of recycled products and explains how to turn them into beautiful embellishments to hand stitch onto samples. Projects and step-by-step sequences show how the exciting process of playing with textiles and mixed media can create new and unique work. Get to grips with a basic tool kit, plus ideas for sourcing and organising supplies, make a stitch library of samples and ways to use threads creatively, from paper to recycled plastic, experiment with mixed media in new and exciting ways
2D and 3D techniques – step-by-step sequences explain a range of techniques and ideas and combine and develop techniques – create unique pieces and develop your own artistic voice
Stitched Mixed Media by Jessica Grady

About the author

Jessica Grady is an award-winning embroidery artist and textile designer. She creates bold, colourful and intricate work that transforms recycled mixed-media materials into exciting embellishments to be stitched onto fabric. 

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