Storytelling for Directors

Bren Simson
Storytelling for Directors will develop the communicative power of your storytelling, whether for the big or small screen, in long or short form. Without being prescriptive, the chapters explore the creative potential in every aspect of the filmmaking process, giving directors the skills to put their ideas into practice. Coverage includes: analysing the script to find the character action; building the story world; deciding each element within the frame; shaping the actors' performances; telling the story with the camera; casting; working the schedule, budget and rehearsals, and finally, shaping the film in the edit.
Storytelling for Directors by Bren Simson

About the author

Bren Simson has been a filmmaker and a TV drama director for over twenty-five years. From being one of the first directors on Brookside (C4), she went on to a career in television series including The Bill (ITV), Making Out (BBC) and Medics (ITV). She was Head of Directing at the MetFilm School, Ealing Studios, and more recently, Senior Lecturer (Directing) at Bournemouth Film School Arts University.

Press Reviews

There are many excellent how-to guides for budding directors, but few on their principal responsibility - telling a visual story in the most compelling way. This book reminds the filmmaker that if all their efforts are pointed at this goal, they will never go far wrong.

- Tim Mercier, Filmmaker and TV Drama Director

Rather than adopting a style from our directing icons, Bren Simson urges us to create our own visualisation from a deep understanding of what the story needs. This book offers anyone starting out on a directingn career valuable advice, insights into what works and encouragement to follow our own instincts.

- Tom Strudwick, Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth Film School, Arts University

Director can seem mystifying at first, daunting even, but through thse clair and conside chapters, packed with a career's work of industry experience and insight, the tools needed to begin 'demystifying' the craft become easily accessible... an essential read for any aspiring filmmakers.

- Ellie Jo Hilton, Filmmaker