Strength and Conditioning for Dancers

Matthew Wyon Sefton Clarke
Strength and Conditioning for Dancers is an accessible guide to how to design and incorporate supplemental fitness training into a dancer’s schedule. It links current evidence on the relationship between physical fitness, dance performance and injury incidence, breaking it down into clear and convenient sections, starting with the fundamentals of muscle physiology and training principles and moving on to specific training components. Key topics covered in the book include: self-screening; programme design; specific exercises for the core, upper and lower body; basic Pilates; nutritional support for training and finally, programmes to get you started. Featuring practical training programmes to get you started, this user-friendly book will be of great value to dancers, teachers and trainers looking to enhance both fitness and performance.
Strength and Conditioning for Dancers by Matthew Wyon Sefton Clarke

About the author

Professor Matthew Wyon is a leading exercise physiologist at the University of Wolverhampton. As a strength and conditioning coach, he has trained professional and pre-professional dancers for the last twenty-five years. As a researcher, his focus is on performance enhancement for dancers by examining and testing the link between physical fitness interventions and dance performance. Matthew is a founding partner of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science, UK.
Sefton Clarke is a strength and conditioning trainer and former professional dancer. He was a Soloist for almost twenty years with some of the top ranked dance companies worldwide, including The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Vienna and Dutch National Ballet. On retirement he went into the field of nutrition, health, and strength and conditioning. He currently trains professional dancers and actors in The Netherlands at his own studio.

Press Reviews

This book is an asset for dance trainers.

- Gavin Roebuck reviewer