Strength and Conditioning for Rowing

Alex Wolf
The field of strength and conditioning has grown exponentially over the last two decades, making both collaboration with others and recognition of the impact S&C coaches can have beyond the weight room more important than ever before. This book purposefully begins by sharing professional insights from both the individuals S&C coaches work with - the event coaches - and those individuals S&C coaches work for - the athletes - to examine how collaboration towards agreed, shared and understood performance goals works in practice. The latter chapters focus on applying S&C principles within rowing populations, which are easily transferred to any athlete. This includes: a 'performance backwards' approach to planning; exploring an adaptation approach to programming; common injuries across rowing populations; exercise selection, including specific trunk training assessment and programming; transfer of training to rowing performance, and finally, understanding the needs of Paralympic Rowers.
Strength and Conditioning for Rowing by Alex Wolf

About the author

Alex Wolf consults widely to sports organizations internationally, including supporting Chinese Rowing. He has previously spent fifteen years working for the English Institute of Sport where he held the positions of Head of Strength and Conditioning and more recently Head of Learning. Alex spent five years working with the GB Rowing team in preparation for the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic games.