Strength and Conditioning for Women in Team Sports

Jools Murray
As attention and funding increases for women's team sports, so too should the understanding of the support they require to physically compete at these higher levels. Strength and Conditioning for Women in Team Sports is a dedicated guide to upskilling S&C coaches who are working with female teams. It addresses the unique requirements for women in reactive multi-directional sports and provides recommendations on creating a positive environment to succeed. The main topics covered are: preparing to integrate into a women's team; developing relationships and processes; testing and monitoring strategies; building databases and creating reports; planning sessions and implementation and finally, injury, illness and managing return to performance. Offering key insights into the plethora of variables available for achieving a certain goal, experienced S&C coach Jools Murray offers practical advice not only for session planning but also for important soft skills such as communication and team relationships.
Strength and Conditioning for Women in Team Sports by Jools Murray

About the author

Jools Murray has been the S&C Coach for a variety of professional female team sports, including England Netball, England Rugby, GB Hockey and England Football. Her highlight was winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth games in 2018 with the England Netball team. During her time in the English Institute of Sport, she researched female athletes from a variety of practitioners and sports. She completed her MSc in Strength & Conditioning at St Mary's University, Twickenham.

Press Reviews

This is a top notch read that not only covers the strength and conditioning needed for women's team sports but also illustrates the integral relationships that S&C professionals need to have within the multidisciplinary team.

- Kitty Forrest, Lead Physiotherapist