The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Maggie Cross
Chinese brush painting is an ancient art, steeped in history, symbolism and ritual, and closely linked to Chinese calligraphy. This beautifully illustrated book takes you on a journey through the history, techniques and materials that will enable you to produce stunning paintings of flowers, birds, animals and landscapes. Topics covered include: he history of Chinese painting materials and how to use them; advice on basic brush strokes, colour mixing and brush loading; step-by-step guide to completing a composition of a variety of subjects and finally, instruction on mounting your work for display. Written by a respected artist and teacher, it covers traditional techniques as well as more recent innovative ideas, and reveals the beauty and mastery behind this art.
The Art of Chinese Brush Painting by Maggie Cross

About the author

Maggie Cross grew up in Hong Kong where she learnt to speak Cantonese and write Chinese characters. Her interest in the Chinese culture developed into a love of Chinese painting. Over the years, she has worked with many Chinese masters and developed her own skills and style. Her work is held in many collections around the world.