The Art of Gunsmithing

Lewis Potter
This volume is written about working on one of the finest sporting firearms ever invented - the shotgun. Included are types of shotgun from everyman's dream gun, the sidelock ejector, to the everyman gun, the humble economy single barrel. It covers the work a gunsmith actually encounters, much of this information has never previously been published and may help the reader appreciate the complexity and great range of skills and knowledge a gunsmith needs, something unique in the 21st century. Topics covered include: guns and gunsmithing; tooling & equipment; stripping & servicing and examination for faults; minor and advanced barrel work; rejointing barrels to actions and lockwork; minor and major stock repairs; blacking, bluing, browning and engraving, and finally gun proof and the Law.
The Art of Gunsmithing by Lewis Potter

About the author

Lewis Potter has had a lifelong interest in fine firearms. His experience stretches over forty-five years, at first part-time, and from 1987 full-time gunsmithing, rifle making and ammunition development. He has written for national shooting sports magazines and is a keen supporter of all field sports.