The Art of Managing

John Hendry
This focused, practical guide to key management principles will help managers at all levels to function successfully.

Based on the idea that managing is more about common sense and the ability to treat employees with humanity rather than the need to have specialist knowledge and expertise, this book is a 'must read'. In Part One, the author analyses the role of the manager; in Part Two, he sets out fifty guidelines based on easy-to-remember maxims or principles; and in Part Three, he provides an introduction to the essential techniques and tools required. Written by an experienced author with a strong track record of successfully teaching management at business school and university, this book is an invaluable self-help guide that will help all managers, whether new to the role or more seasoned, to hone and improve their skills.
The Art of Managing by John Hendry

About the author

Professor John Hendry is a Fellow of Girton College, University of Cambridge. He is also Professor Emeritus of Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He is a trained accountant. He has contributed articles and papers to journals and magazines and is the author of various books, including Management: A Very Short Introduction (OUP).