The Art of Tunisian Crochet

Pauline Turner
Until the twenty-first century, Tunisian crochet was a little-used style of crochet that was considered relatively simple and unadventurous. Fortunately, nowadays, that has all changed. The Art of Tunisian Crochet offers a comprehensive exploration of what is an often underestimated technique that combines both knitting and crochet principles. The book takes the reader from the technique’s relatively young history, dispelling common misassumptions, to the exciting possibilities available to the crafter today. This beautifully illustrated book includes the origin of Tunisian crochet; advantages and disadvantages of materials and equipment; the limitless variations of the basic Tunisian simple stitch; achieving the unexpected ethereal look of Tunisian lace; exploring a creative variety of texture and colour, and finally, incorporating Tunisian crochet with other crafts.
The Art of Tunisian Crochet by Pauline Turner

About the author

Pauline Turner is a teacher of many crafts including the art of teaching. A previous lecturer of crafts and allied subjects at Lancaster and Morecambe College of Further Education, she was originally reluctant to incorporate crochet into her curriculum. But she was very glad she did. From the outset she was determined to remove crochet’s ‘granny image’ prevalent in the twentieth century. She is now a prolific author, with many published articles and designs and became the first editor of Slip Knot (the official magazine of the Knitting and Crochet Guild), Pauline is also the founder of the International Diploma in Crochet distance learning course.

Press Reviews

It’s a great book to extend your knowledge and dip your toes in the vast pool of Tunisian crochet with oodles of samples and eye catching stitches, whilst throwing in some delightful projects for those feeling brave enough to take on a lengthier piece.

- Elisa (Crochet Hooks & Magic)

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

- Jane Roe, Knitting Magazine