The British Soldier in Europe 1939-45

Peter Doyle Paul Evans
World War II was one of the defining periods of British history, a six-year period that saw Britain and its Commonwealth stand united against the tyranny of the Axis powers. With the nation initially ill-prepared to engage in war, the British Soldier suffered many trials and reverses of fortune before his central role in the Allied victory in Europe. After early defeats, some British soldiers endured long years of captivity in German POW camps, while others performed the vital duty of home defence and training for the inevitable return to the continent.
The British Soldier in Europe 1939-45 by Peter Doyle Paul Evans

About the author

Peter Doyle is a scientist and military historian specializing in the role of terrain in warfare, and has been collecting objects relating to the role of Britain in both world wars all his life. Resident - London
Paul Evans is a specialist dealer in twentieth-century art and design, with a particular interest in posters, graphics and the propaganda arts. Resident - London