The Cobs Can! Workbook

Omar Rabia
In this long-awaited follow-up to the highly praised Cobs Can! Omar Rabia introduces the idea of a systematic, progressive series of exercises designed to develop suppleness, collection, obedience and ride-ability in cobs. He discusses the prerequisites of starting this journey and the reasoning behind working cobs in-hand before ridden work is commenced. While the exercises are set out in a progressive order, each exercise offers particular benefits and works on 'target areas', so you can choose exercises that will most benefit your cob before moving onto others in the series. Progression within each exercise is explained so that riders know when to move onto the next step within the exercise.
The Cobs Can! Workbook by Omar Rabia

About the author

An animal lover since a young child, it wasn't until Omar Rabia was evacuated from Kuwait during the Gulf War that he found a connection with horses. Thanks to his grandparents, his journey with cobs started a couple of years later when they bought Babeabtie, a lovely bay cob. Under the tutelage of classic trainer Ginnie Wellings, Omar had the advantage of great teaching from the start. His passion for dressage and classical equitation was formed riding Ginnie's school-masters and bringing on his own youngsters using the methods he was shown. Now a qualified primary school teacher and Enlightened Equitation teacher and horse trainer, Omar combines these skills to great effect in teaching and training riders in classical equitation and dressage, especially on their cobs.