The Commer Story

Geoff Carverhill
The Commer Story charts the evolution and history of one of Britain’s principal commercial vehicle manufacturers. This fascinating book is not just the history of one vehicle marque, but the story of a company that underwent several name changes, as it acquired and was acquired by several other companies, whilst creating some of the world’s most innovative commercial vehicles over a continuous ninety-year manufacturing period.
Truly a history of the company and its people, as well as its products, The Commer Story provides this famous firm at last with a well-deserved tribute. Well researched and lavishly illustrated, no commercial vehicle enthusiast will want to be without it.
The Commer Story by Geoff Carverhill

About the author

Geoff Carverhill is the author of many magazine articles and road test reports on well-known and obscure classic cars. He is a sales and marketing manager, photographer, ex-music promoter and self-confessed all-round automotive fanatic. This is his first book.

Press Reviews

Review from Classic Car Weekly 3/7/02 "Whether you are a devoted fan of classic commercials, or are just a general classic fan you cannot fail to be intrigued by this great tale."

Review from Classics magazine August 2002 "...commercial vehicle enthusiasts will enjoy this."