The Complete Caving Manual

Andy Sparrow
The irresistible appeal of caves is obvious from the enduring popularity of commercialized show-caves: dark, mysterious and beautiful, the hidden world of caves draws the visitor ever deeper. However, although it is 'one small step' from the concrete path to the rugged cave floor and from tourist to caver, it is a step that most are reluctant to take. Those few who do venture into the wild cave discover a world of spectacular halls, grottoes, rivers and waterfalls.
The Complete Caving Manual by Andy Sparrow
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About the author

Andy Sparrow began caving in 1971 and is one of Britain's most experienced cavers and instructors. He has been involved in the exploration of new cave systems in britain and has descended several classic deep caves in Europe. Andy is also an award-winning filmmaker whose work includes 'Sold' and 'A Rock and a Hard Place'. Andy runs a training company, Andy Sparrow Caving Services, and, an equipment shop for cavers and climbers. Resident - Somerset