The Complete Guide to Making Lampshades

Jane Warren
This practical handbook teaches you all the methods needed to make your own lampshades in a wide range of styles — from the simple drum hard lampshade to the more complex hand-sewn traditional gathered and pleated designs. As well as clear demonstrations, it gives information on frames and fittings, how to work with different fabrics and papers, and showcases how using your own designs offers a truly bespoke approach. Here you will learn everything you need to make wonderful lampshades to feature in your home, or to offer professionally.
The Complete Guide to Making Lampshades by Jane Warren

About the author

After training in soft furnishings and design, Jane Warren set up The Lampshade Loft. Her lampshades have appeared in a wide range of prestigious settings, including leading interiors magazines. She also regularly runs workshops and teaches how to make all styles of lampshades.

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