The Fast Bowler's Bible

Ian Pont
This fascinating book reveals the secrets of fast bowling and explains how it is possible to simultaneously bowl fast, straight and accurately. The Fast Bowler's Bible is a very practical, easily accessible bowling manual that any seam or swing bowler playing at any level can understand. It contains explosive new information being used by the world's best cricketers.
Written by one of the world's best fast-bowling coaches. Well illustrated with sixty photographs and thirty-four diagrams and drawings. Explains what part of your body generates pace and why holding onto the ball longer is far more effective. Unravels the mysteries of advanced biomechanics as they apply to bowling. Reveals how to bowl crushingly effective bouncers and yorkers every time. Discusses what to do in practice and what to avoid. Analyses how to train and exercise in order to produce the best results. Illustrates all the correct grips for each delivery so that you get it right every time. Describes how to increase pace effortlessly, how to adopt the correct mental approach, how to deal with pressure, how to apply it to the opposition, and much more.
The Fast Bowler's Bible by Ian Pont

About the author

Ian Pont was an aggressive fast bowler who played first-class cricket for Northamptonshire, Essex and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Renowned for his naturally gifted, powerful arm, he has recorded the second longest cricket ball throw of all time. Ian works with international and county bowlers and his success at improving bowling actions for speed, straight lines and accuracy means that he is much in demand.

Press Reviews

"I wish that I had met Ian Pont, the bowling coach, ten years before I did... Ian is an expert in his field and has got some excellent ideas on how to engineer a bowling action." Ronnie Irani, Essex and England