The History of Armour 1100-1700

Paul F Walker
The History of Armour 1100 - 1700 offers a detailed account of how armour developed through the Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan and Civil War eras, carefully itemizing the subtle changes over a six hundred year period. Each chapter focuses on an individual area of body protection, charting the evolution of each piece over time, from helmets and chest protection to arm guards, gauntlets, leg guards and sabatons. The book also encompasses the use of weaponry and its evolution, including protection for the horse. With the aid of the author's superb photographs and illustrations, the book looks at how fashions, as well as its protective qualities, influenced the style of armour. Valuable information has been acquired through the study of effigies over a number of years, and using these existing artifacts, supplemented by the author's meticulous illustrations and practical knowlege of armour cosntruction, it has been possible to reconstruct the design and appearance of a wide range of armour.
The History of Armour 1100-1700 by Paul F Walker
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About the author

Paul F Walker trained in graphic communication where he specialized in illustration. Afterwards, he moved into adult education where he taught fine art, photography, digital imaging, animation and illustration. He has given lectures in armour and weapons as an historical interpreter for English Heritage, and various other groups, specializing in the development of armour as well as the chivalric roles of the medieval Knight. He has a lifelong interest in historical warfare and its politics, which played a huge role in the evolution of miltiary advancement.