The Lurcher

Jon Hutcheon
Although not renowned for its high intelligence, the lurcher is a truly remarkable type of dog. A customized cross between a sight hound [such as a greyhound or whippet] and other breeds, it is extremely fast, agile, hardy and gentle, and can be kept as a working dog or as a pet.
Packed full of practical information and useful tips, The Lurcher - A Complete Guide covers all aspects of owning a lurcher. Particular emphasis is placed on training and working the dog effectively.
The Lurcher by Jon Hutcheon

About the author

Jon Hutcheon has a strong affinity with animals and the countryside and has a very active interest in conservation and rural management. His love of lurchers began as a child and this book is based on a lifetime's experience of owning and working dogs. His main passion is field sports, especially the control of rabbits with the use of lurchers, nets and ferrets, and he is the author of Long Netting and Net-Making - A Rabbit Catcher's Guide published by Crowood. Resident - West Sussex