The Marathon and Half Marathon

Graeme Hilditch
The popularity of the marathon and half marathon continues unabated. Up and down the country people are signing up in their thousands, many to raise money for their favourite charity, others simply as a means of getting fit. Whatever the motive, they are testing endurance events requiring serious preparation. Now in its second edition, Marathon and Half Marathon - A Training Guide is essential reading for anyone intending to enter a half or full marathon. Written by a highly experienced personal trainer who has helped hundreds of runners achieve their own personal goal, this acclaimed and best-selling book has everything you need, from advice on what to wear to staying fit during those long training sessions. This fully updated and revised edition features: New 'pre-hab' and core stability exercises to help prevent injury; the latest science on how, when and why to stretch; expert advice on how to use your time to train most effectively; a series of programmes aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced runners and finally, inspirational real-life stories from runners.
The Marathon and Half Marathon by Graeme Hilditch

About the author

Graeme Hilditch is a highly experienced personal trainer and endurance running expert. He has helped hundreds of first-time runners and celebrities achieve their half/full marathon goals. As well as a highly sought after presenter for charity marathon training days, he is also author of a series of running training guides for some of the UK's largest charitable organisations. His five other books have also gone on to be well received by the international running community and translated into other languages. Graeme can be followed on twitter at @fitFAQS

Press Reviews

"I love this book - it's really practical and helpful, and I'm often flicking through it."

- Sophie Raworth, newsreader and journalist