The Naked Pilot

David Beaty
Investigations into the causes of aircraft accidents have for decades focused on what happened and who did it - very rarely Why? It is the question Why? that David Beaty has addressed here, fighting the misnomer of 'pilot error' and propounding that the cause should be sought deeper inside human beings who make apparently simple human errors. In The Naked Pilot, David Beaty analyses not only human error flying accidents but also the latent predisposing errors made by management and government. No other book on the subject speaks with such clarity to both the expert and the layman. Human factors have ben called 'the last great frontier of aviation'. In The Naked Pilot, David Beaty has sought possible ways to breach it.
The Naked Pilot by David Beaty

About the author

David Beaty is a former RAF pilot ( DFC and Bar), airline pilot, historian, Foreign Office principal, psychologist and author. His previous books include The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents and a number of successful fiction titles. In 1992 he was awarded the MBE for Services to Aviation. He is a member of the royal Aeronautical Society.

Press Reviews

"The Naked Pilot makes fascinating and compulsive reading. It should be compulsory reading for all trainee and experienced pilots alike, as well as air traffic controllers, corporate managers and aircraft manufacturers." - Business Aviation