The Rescue Dog

Vanessa Stead Ann Stead
Many people believe that rescue dogs are troubled, traumatised, strays with long lasting problems. While this view may be true in some instances, the majority of dogs in rescue centres are there because their previous owners have abandoned them. Every year new homes are found for thousands of these 'rescue' dogs by dedicated charities but in order to make this re-homing a success, the new owners need considerable knowledge, patience and understanding.
The Rescue Dog by Vanessa Stead Ann Stead

About the author

Vanessa Stead is an animal behaviourist specializing in canine behaviour, counselling and training. She has worked with a number of animal enterprises and welfare charities including The Dog's Trust and many other organizations.
Ann Stead is an assistant lecturer in psychology at the Open University and was Head of Psychology for over fifteen years at a secondary school in Surrey.