The Science of Sport: Swimming

Alexander Marinof John Coumbe-Lilley
The Science of Sport - Swimming is a complete guide for swimming training through the application of physiological, biomechanical, psychological, strength and conditioning, nutritional and injury management methods that can be used to optimize performance. Practical examples are included on the components of swimming conditioning, technical and mental training, and how they relate to the various swimming speciality events. The text provides details on mental and strength conditioning training exercises and racing day preparation methods for various abilities, including speciality swimmers who seek performance improvement constantly. The book includes contributions from leading coaches and sport scientists, sport psychologists, sports medical practitioners and Olympic, world and national champion swimmers.
The Science of Sport: Swimming by Alexander Marinof John Coumbe-Lilley

About the author

Alexander Marinof is an exercise physiologist and founder of the Kinetic Body Training and Health Company in London. Alex is a certified UKCC senior swimming and KTB strength conditioning coach and nutrition specialist.

Currently, he works at the ADN swim project in Italy as head strength and conditioning coach and assistant performance coach with a team of elite sprinters who seek 2016 Rio Olympics glory.
Dr John Coumbe-Lilley is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition at

the University of Illinois at Chicago, where

he teaches and researches sport psychology.

He is a certified consultant of the Association

of Applied Sport Psychology and a member

of the United States Olympic Committee,

Sport Psychology Registry. John’s peers consider

him a sport psychology practitioner and

he has extensive experience working with

individual and team environments competing

in extended events at national, world and

Olympic levels of competition. He enjoys

boxing and rowing training and participating

in triathlons and soccer.